Meeting & Conference

Provide special value of business
with a pleasant and differentiated facility in clean nature.



Business meeting room with state-of-the-art
facilities and state-of-the-art equipment

Athena is a medium size meeting room where you can conduct seminar, conference, workshop,
and small business meeting with a pleasant place and differentiated facility.

Inquiriestel. +82-31-589-5690

  • Guidelines

    Location : 2F

    Area : Athena-A 90.64 sqm / Athena-B 80.72 sqm / Athena-C 74.88 sqm

  • Name Athena-A Athena-B Athena-C
    Capacity 28 ~ 36 seats 28 ~ 36 seats 28 ~ 36 seats
    Function Workshop, Small business meeting, Seminar, Conference

아이디 중복확인

(4~20자 까지 한글과 특수문자를 제외한 “영문+숫자” 조합문자 )

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