Rest & Activity

A new inspiration from nature.
Special experience that awakens the emotions of children and adults.


Complex sports spaces where you can enjoy light sports
during family travel or corporate training.

Inquiriestel. Front Desk +82-31-589-5601 / Inquiries(renting of space) +82-31-589-5690

  • Guidelines

    Location : Outdoor / next to the parking lot

    Hour : 9:00 ~ 18:00

    * Sports Complex is a space for guests of Midas Hotel & Resort.

    * You can rent a basketball or a soccer ball at the front desk on the second floor of the main building.

    * For safety reasons, the using time of the Sports Complex is limited, so please refrain from using this other than the above time.

    * Sports Complex can be rented out. If ther’s a reservation, this is not usable. Also, it may not be available depending on the operating situation.

아이디 중복확인

(4~20자 까지 한글과 특수문자를 제외한 “영문+숫자” 조합문자 )

객실 서비스 전체보기_일반객실
객실 서비스 전체보기_휠체어객실
객실 서비스 전체보기_스위트
객실 서비스 전체보기_온돌