Rest & Activity

A new inspiration from nature.
Special experience that awakens the emotions of children and adults.


Tritons, is a water leisure facility, offers
totally relaxation and exciting memories at once.

Inquiriestel. +82-31-589-5639

  • Guidelines

    Location : Riverside / next to Sports Complex

    Hour : 30miniute after sunrise ~ 30 miniute before sunset

    * The Water Leisure is operated flexibly without reservation for efficient operation.

    * If you don’t stay at a hotel and only use Tritons, please call us and register your license plate number before you visit.

    * The Water Leisure(Rides & Sports) is available to a limited number of people.

    * For safety, boating and water leisure is not available while under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.
    (You ought to notify your condition(drunk or drugged). If you’re not, Midas Hotel&Resort(Tritons) is not responsible for any situations.

    * Tritons can be suspend operations without notice, depending on weather conditions.

    * Midas Hotel&Resort complies with Water-Related Leisure Activities Safety Act for the safety of customers. (It’s the Constitution of the Republic of Korea)

    * Midas Hotel&Resort conducts regularly safety inspection and education for the safety of customers.

    * In Tritons of Midas Hotel&Resort, please follow the instructions of employees for safe and enjoyable use.
    (If you do not follow the instructions of the staff, the employee can refuse boarding and leisure use and apply restrictions for safety purposes.)

아이디 중복확인

(4~20자 까지 한글과 특수문자를 제외한 “영문+숫자” 조합문자 )

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