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※ 주중 (월요일~ 목요일, 일요일) 운영 시간 10:00 ~ 17:00
- 입장권 : 시간당 11,000원 (Kids Library, Indoor Playground 자유놀이 한정)
- 평일 오후 Kids JAM Pass (3시간 이용권) : 44,000원 (※ 주중 오전은 자유놀이만 진행합니다.)

※ 주말 (금요일, 토요일) 운영 시간 10:00 ~ 21:00
- 입장권 : 시간당 16,500원 (Kids Library, Indoor Playground 자유놀이 한정)
- 주말 Kids JAM Pass (3시간 이용권) : 55,000원

* Kids JAM은 100% 사전예약제로 운영됩니다.

Kids JAM Pass 제공 서비스

자유놀이 + 체험프로그램 2개 선택 + Kids JAM Gift 제공


* 입장권 구매 시, 자유놀이에 한정하여 이용하실 수 있습니다.
* Kids JAM 프로그램은 5세 이상 참여 가능하며 선착순 8명까지 사전 접수 받습니다.
* 프로그램 이용료는 개별적으로 다를 수 있습니다.
* 부모님들께서는 Kids JAM 시설 내, 별도로 마련된 대기 공간을 이용해주시기 바랍니다.



국내 1위 교육전문기업 대교가 만든 국내 최고의 프리미엄 키즈 아카데미 Kids JAM!

Kids JAM은 즐거운 배움(Playful Education)의 경험을 통해 아이들의 두뇌, 신체, 정서를 통합적으로
발달 시키는 어린이 대상 놀이체험문화공간(Sensory Playground) 입니다.
다채로운 놀이교육 프로그램, 액티비티 프로그램, 가족과 함께 하는 체험 프로그램 등
다양한 콘텐츠가 준비되어 있습니다.


l Joy Zone l
놀이와 교육을 결합하여 즐겁게 배우는 다채로운 놀이체험을 제공합니다.
- Storytelling, Language Art Kinder, Hand Crafts, Organic Cooking 클래스

l Activity Zone l
건강한 신체 발달을 위한 체육활동과 다양한 놀이체험시설을 결합한 신개념 신체 활동 프로그램을 제공합니다.
평소에 접하기 어려웠던 풍부한 경험을 할 수 있는 어린이 놀이 교육 체험 장소 입니다.
- BrainGym, EcoNuri, Artwall(인터랙티브체험), ‘정글에서 살아남기’ 플레이 클래스

l Music Zone l
독일 Original, 오르프(Orff) 음악을 통해 함께 소통하며 바람직한 사회적 관계를 형성할 수 있습니다.
- Orff Music 클래스

* 프로그램 운영은 평일, 주말 상황에 따라 달라질 수 있습니다.
* Family Cooking, 가족 대상 공연 및 이벤트 프로그램은 시즌에 맞게 한시적으로 진행됩니다.


Kids JAM, sensory playground, provides a great experience and playful education to develop children's brain, health and emotion.
There are also various recreational programs available to experience with the whole family.


  • Reservation is required to ues the Kids JAM Pass.
  • Entrance ticketing is available without reservation and must be accompanied by one guardian.
    (A free admission for one guardian/ Additional charges will be incurred when adding personnel.)
  • Kids JAM programs are available from 5 year-old children.
  • We accept first 8 kids for booking in advance. (Parents have to use waiting area in Kids JAM)
  • Kids JAM(Cheongpyeong Center) is closed once or twice a month. (Please refer to the notice.)

Operating Hour & Price

Type Hour Price
(Monday~Thursday, Sunday)
10:00 ~ 18:00 Entrance ticket : 16,000 won per hour
(Kids Library & Indoor Playground, Free play only)
Kids JAM Pass (3-hour Pass) : 55,000 won
(Kids JAM Pass: Free play + 2 Experience programs)
※ It is not operated on a specific date.
(Friday & Saturday)
10:00 ~ 20:00 Entrance ticket : 16,000 won per hour
(Kids Library & Indoor Playground, Free play only)
Kids JAM Pass (3-hour Pass) : 55,000 won
(Kids JAM Pass: Free play + 2 Experience programs)
※ It is not operated on a specific date.
  • When buying an entrance ticket, you can use Kids JAM only for Free play.
  • The programs fee and programs may vary depending on the situation of weekdays & weekends.
  • Family cooking, Plays for families and event programs are scheduled temporarily for each season
  • 031-589-5650 ~ 5651
  • 1F



Article 1 Purpose

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to provide the internet related service (hereinafter referred as "Service") of homepage (hereinafter referred as "the homepage of Midas Hotel&Resort")operated by Midas Hotel&Resort (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), and to regulate details, procedures and other details which are related to use conditions, membership.

Article 2 Effect of terms and conditions

These terms and conditions shall come into effect by posting on the Company's online website according to the Telecommunications Business Act and the Enforcement Decree of the Telecommunications Business Act. The Company might change these terms and conditions, and the revised terms and conditions become effective upon notice.

Article 3 Other rules except terms and conditions

The matters not specified in these terms and conditions shall be governed by the regulations of the Telecommunications Basic Act, Telecommunications Business Act and other relevant laws and regulations.

Article 4 Definitions of terms

The definitions used in these terms and conditions are as follows.

  1. 1. Users: Members and nonmembers who access the homepage and receive the service provided by the company according to these terms and conditions
  2. 2. Members: Customers who have signed up as online members through the website
  3. 3. Nonmembers: Those who use the services provided by the company without signing up the membership
  4. 4. ID: A combination of letters and numbers selected by the member and approved by the company for member identification and the service use of member
  5. 5.Password: A combination of letters and numbers set by the member himself in order to protect the personal information of the member,
  6. 6. Withdrawal: Member's expressed intention to terminate the use agreement after using the service

Article 5 Membership

  1. 1. The user can sign up for free membership, and after filling in the member information as per the sign-up form designated by the company, the membership process is applied for by making a declaration that you agree to these terms and conditions.
  2. 2. The Company shall register the users who applied for membership according to the preceding paragraph, unless it falls under any of the following.
    1. ① When three years have not passed since his / her membership loss due to the reason of Paragraph 2, Article 6, etc
    2. ② In case of false, missing, mistake in the registered contents for membership
    3. ③ If the membership is applied for to hinder social order or morals
  3. 3. Membership is completed when the approval of the Company reaches the user who applied for membership.
  4. 4. In case of any modification in the member information registered to the Company, the member shall immediately notify or correct the modification according to the method specified by the Company.

Article 6 Withdrawal of membership and disqualification

  1. 1. A member might request to withdraw from the company at any time, the Company shall take necessary measures for membership withdrawal immediately if the member requests withdrawal.
  2. 2. If the member falls under any of the following reasons, the Company might restrict the use of certain services or suspend membership for a certain period of time.
    1. ① If the member registers false information at the time of application
    2. ② If the member fails to fulfill the debt borned by the member in relation to the payment, other use of goods purchased through the Company's online homepage
    3. ③ If the member steal ID and password or personal information of others
    4. ④ If the member has acted in a way to damage the reputation of others or cause disadvantage in the Company's online homepage
    5. ⑤ In case of threatening the order of e-commerce such as hindering the use of Company by the third party
    6. ⑥ When posting pornography on the Company's online website or linking to a pornographic site,
    7. ⑦ When the member has done the acts prohibited by laws and these terms and conditions, or the acts which are against beautiful and fine custom by using the Company's online homepage
    8. ⑧ Other acts that intentionally hinder other service operations of Company
  3. 3. The Company might cancel the membership if the action of paragraph 2 is repeated more than twice or if the reason for such failure is not corrected within 30 days after the Company has restricted or suspended its membership.
  4. 4. If the Company cancels the membership, the membership registration is erased. In this case, it is notified to members and the opportunity to explain is given at least 30 days prior to the termination of the membership registration.

Article 7 Notice to Members

  1. 1. If the Company notifies to the member, it might be sent to email address agreed and specified with the member in advance.
  2. 2. In the case of notice to the unspecified members, the Company might substitute individual notice by posting it on the Company's online homepage screen for more than one week. However, individual notices shall be given to issues that have a significant influence on the member's transactions.

Article 8 Contents of Service

The Company provides the members with other services such as reservations when using the facilities of Midas Hotel&Resort, and the details of the specific services are separately posted on the website of the Company.

Article 9 Duties of the Company

  1. 1.The Company shall neither disclose nor distribute member's personal information which has been acquired related to the service provision to third parties without the consent of members. However, it is not the case where there is a request by the state agency according to the regulations of the Act such as the Basic Act on Telecommunications, a criminal investigation purpose, a request by the Information Communication Ethics Committee, or a request according to the procedures specified by other related laws and regulations..
  2. 2. The other policy related to member's private information is subject to the privacy policy.

Article 10 Duties of Member ID and Password Management

  1. 1. It is the member's responsibility to manage ID and password.
  2. 2. Members are responsible for any consequences arising from the negligence or misuse of IDs and passwords given to members.
  3. 3. If member's ID is fraudulently used, such a member shall notify such a fact to the "Company".

Article 11 Modification of Contract

Members shall make online corrections if the details listed at the time of use application, are changed.

Article 12 Provision of information and posting of advertisement

  1. 1. The Company might provide its members with various information by the way to post them in website when operating the service.
  2. 2. The Company might post advertisements on websites, emails, etc. when it comes to the operation of service.

Article 13 Suspension of Service provision

Service provision might be suspended when it falls under any of the following cases:

  1. 1) Inevitable case for system maintenance
  2. 2) When a key telecommunications business operator prescribed in the Telecommunication Business Act suspends telecommunication services
  3. 3) If there are any other reasons why the Company can not provide services

Article 14 Deletion of post or its content

The Company might delete any postings or contents of the services which violate the regulations or exceed the Company's published period of time without prior notice or consent.

Article 15 Attribution and use restriction of Copyright

  1. 1. The copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the Company's works belong to the Company.
  2. 2. The reproduction, transmission, distribution, broadcasting or profit use by other methods or for use by a third party of information of which intellectual property belongs to the Company, among the information which have been obtained while the user uses on-line homepage, shall be prohibited without prior consent of the Company.
  3. 3. According to the agreement, the Company shall obtain the consent of the user when using the copyright belonging to such a user.

Article 16 Privacy policy

  1. 1. The Company collects the minimum information required to reservations etc. when collecting information from users. The following items are mandatory and others are optional.
    1. 1) Name
    2. 2) Date of Birth
    3. 3) Sex
    4. 4) Mobile phone number
    5. 5) ID (in case of members)
    6. 6) Password (in case of members)
    7. 7) Email address
  2. 2. When the Company collects personal information that can identify the user, the consent of such a user shall be obtained.
  3. 3. The personal information provided will not be used for purposes other than the original purpose or provided to a third party without the consent of the user.
  4. 4. The user might ask for the view and correction of his / her personal information possessed by the Company any time and the company is responsible for taking necessary measures without delay.
  5. 5. The Company shall try the best effort to protect the user's personal information including credit card from loss, theft, leakage or alteration by designating the minimized number of administrators for the protection of personal information.
  6. 6. The Company or any third party who receives personal information from the Company shall destroy the personal information without delay when the purpose of collecting or receiving the personal information has achieved.

Article 17 Settlement of Disputes

  1. 1. The Company shall establish and operate Damage Compensation Processing Organization in which the reasonable opinions and complaints raised by the User are reflected and the damage is compensated.
  2. 2. The Company shall deal with complaints and comments submitted by users preferentially. However, if prompt processing is difficult, the reason and processing schedule shall be immediately notified to the user..
  3. 3. In the case of application for damages relief from the user related to an e-commerce dispute between the Company and the user, the dispute might be subject to arbitration by the Fair Trade Commission or the dispute arbitration institution commissioned by the mayor or the governor.

Article 18 Jurisdiction and Governing Law

  1. 1. The Seoul Central District Court shall be the jurisdiction of the lawsuits related to e-commerce disputes between the Company and users.
  2. 2. The lawsuits arising between the Company and users shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Korea.

Supplementary provisions

Article 1 (Effective Date)

These Terms shall come into effect from March 31, 2017.

We, Midas Hotel&Resort, promise to provide our members with a differentiated service and we will make every effort to provide more accurate information and services.

Privacy Policy


Privacy policy

All personal information processed by Midas Hotel&Resort (hereinafter referred as "The Company") is collected, retained and processed according to relevant laws or the consent of the subject of information. The Company takes the protection of users' personal information very seriously, and has tried its best to ensure that users of the website (including mobile web / app) provided by The Company can safely use The Company's services at all times. The Company will inform you how the personal information provided by the member is being used and which action The Company has made through the Privacy policy.

  1. 1. Collection • use items, purpose, possession and use period of personal information
  2. 2. Providing and sharing of collected personal information with third parties
  3. 3. Consignment of personal information processing business
  4. 4. Personal information collection by cookies
  5. 5. Retention period and destruction of personal information
  6. 6. User's rights and duties and how to exercise them
  7. 7. Measures to ensure the safety of personal information
  8. 8. 8. Feedback and complaints handling
  9. 9. The officer in charge of Personal Information Protection
  10. 10. Collecting personal information of children under 14
  11. 11. Sending advertising information
  12. 12. Link Site
  13. 13. Posts
  14. 14. Modification of Privacy policy

Collection • use items, purpose, possession and use period of personal information

  1. A. The Company collects the following mandatory personal information for membership, e-commerce service provision when signing up for membership.
    e-commerce service provision when signing up for membership.
    Item purpose period
    ID, password, name, date of birth, sex, email, identification by mobile phone number, membership service provision, hotel deal contract and delivery membership withdrawal or 5 years after stay
  2. B. The Company collects the following personal information selectively when signing up for membership.
    The Company collects the following personal information selectively when signing up for membership.
    Item purpose period
    English name, general number, whether to agree to marketing or not product and service introduction, customer satisfaction survey membership withdrawal or 5 years after stay
    Child information (under 14 years old)
    Legal Representative Information (Name, Contact)
    KIDS JAM Service provision
    (Separate terms and conditions)
    one year after using the service
  3. C. In the case of online members, The Company might collect IP information, cookie information, service use records, payment information (credit card number, account number, payment approval number by communication operator, etc.) only for the purpose of online member service provision and financial transaction confirmation during the process of service use.
  4. D. The Company collects personal information through membership of the homepage, written, fax, telephone, consultation bulletin board, event application and collection method of the generated information.

2. Providing and sharing of collected personal information with third parties

  1. A. The Company shall neither use nor disclose personal information of the customer beyond the noticed range in "Purpose of collecting and use of personal information" except for the consent of the customer or the regulations of related laws.
  2. B. If the rights and obligations of the service provider are fully succeeded and transferred such as sale, merger and acquisition, the reasonable causes and procedures shall be noticed in advance and the optional right to withdraw consent to customer's personal information will be given.
  3. C. When requesting user’s consent, providing or sharing personal information, the Company will go through the process to ask for consent on the questions including who the provider is, what personal information items are provided or shared, why such personal information should be provided or shared, and until when and how they will be protected and managed, through written notification or by email individually. If there is a change of the provider, it will be notified or asked for consent by the same procedure.
  4. D. In the following cases, it is possible to provide personal information without the consent of the customer according to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.
  1. - Implementation of contracts for the provision of services
  2. - If there is a request from the investigating agency under the provisions of relevant laws or procedures and methods prescribed in the Act for purpose of investigation.
  3. - When it is processed into the form in which the specific individual can’t be identified for statistic creation, academic research, or market survey

3. Consignment of personal information processing business

For the implementation of the service, The Company entrusts the following personal information processing tasks to external professional companies.

For the implementation of the service, The Company entrusts the following personal information processing tasks to external professional companies.
The person who is entrusted (the consignee) Commissioning work
Daekyo CNS computer business consignment
Homepage management by Sanha information technology Inc
Daekyo D & S Resort Management
Creativision Viral Marketing (SNS)

4. Personal information collection by cookies

  1. A. Operation of cookie

    The Company operates cookies for the convenience of users. The information that The Company collects through cookies includes member ID, access IP, and so on. The information that the Company collects through cookies is used for the maintenance of login status and customized individual advertising services.

  2. B. Installation / operation and rejection of cookies

    The customer has the option to install cookies, and can allow all cookies by setting options in the web browser, go through authentication whenever a cookie is saved, or refuse to store cookies. But, if you refuse to store cookies, there might be partial restrictions on the services in which login is required.

5. Retention period and destruction of personal information

  1. A. The Company will keep your personal information until the purpose of collecting personal information or the purpose of being provided is achieved, and when the purpose is achieved or the agreed period expires, we destroy them without delay. Specific time for destruction is as follows.
    1. Membership Information: When you leave the membership or are dismissed from membership
    2. Delivery Information: When the goods or services are forwarded or provided
    3. When collected for the purpose of questionnaire, event, etc.: When such a questionnaire, event etc. are finished
    4. Personal authentication Information: When user's identity is verified
    5. Despite of the principle of immediate destruction when the above purpose of collecting personal information is accomplished, if there is a need to retain for a certain period due to transaction dispute settlement in accordance with relevant laws and internal regulations, we retain information for a certain period as follows.
    1. 1) Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce etc.
      • - Records on contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years
      • - Records on payment and supply of goods: 5 years
      • - Records on consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years
    2. 2) Statement or similar documents under Communications
      • Secret Protection Act : 5 years
    3. 3) Commercial
      • statement or similar documents: 5 years
  2. B. How to destroy
    1. Personal information printed on paper: Shredding by a shredder or shredding entrusted to professional company
    2. Personal information stored in an electronic file: Deletion by using a technical method that can not reproduce the record
    3. - Storage medium such as HDD, USB memory, etc.: Completely physically shred

6. User's rights and duties and how to exercise them

  1. A. Customer might request to view, correct, delete, suspend processing or withdraw consent from registered customer's information at any time. If you wish to view, correct or delete personal information, suspend processing, or withdraw consent, please click "Member Information" to view or correct it directly, or contact to the main number (031-589-5600) or the person in charge of personal information by letter, call or email, we will proceed with the identification process and take action without delay.
  2. B. When the customer requests the correction of errors in personal information, the relevant personal information is not used or provided until the correction is completed. Also, if wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, we will take actions for the correction is made by notifying the result to the third party without delay.

7. Measures to ensure the safety of personal information

The Company takes the following technical, managerial, and physical measures which ensure the safety of personal information in order to prevent loss, theft, leakage, alteration, or damage of personal information when handling the customer's personal information.

  1. Minimized number of personal information processing staff and the training
    Minimize the designation of personal information staff and implement regular training.
  2. Perform regular self-audits
    Regular self-audits are performed to ensure the safety of personal information processing.
  3. Establishment and enforcement of internal management plan
    An internal management plan is established and implemented for the safe handling of personal information.
  4. Encryption of personal information
    Your personal information is password-protected and stored and managed in encrypted form. All data is encrypted for transmission and other important data is protected by separate security features.
  5. Limited access to personal information
    Take necessary measures to control access to personal information by means of granting, modifying or canceling access to database systems that handle personal information, and a firewall system is employed to control unauthorized access from outside.
  6. Storage of access logs and prevention of data forging or tampering
    Maintain and manage the records of access to the personal information processing system for at least six months and use security features to prevent forgery, theft and loss of access records.

8. Feedback and complaints handling

  1. A. The Company values ​​your opinions and you have the right to always receive sincere answers from your questions. We have set up a customer consultation phone for smooth communication with customers.

    【Customer consultation processing center】 Telephone number: 031-589-5600

  2. B. Telephone consultation is available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. We will respond to your inquiries by email, fax or mail within 24 hours of receipt. However, after working hours or on weekends and holidays, it is the principle to handle inquiries in the following day.
  3. C. If you need to report or consult about other infringement on personal information, please contact the following organizations.
    1. Personal Information Infringement Report Center (www.118.or.kr / 118)
    2. Advanced Criminal Investigation Division of Supreme Prosecutors' Office (www.spo.go.kr / 02-3480-2000)
    3. Cyber ​​Terror Response Center of the National Policy Agency (www.ctrc.go.kr / 02-392-0330)

9. The officer in charge of Personal Information Protection

In order to protect customer's personal information and take charge of collecting opinions and complaints about personal information, the Company has designated the relevant department and the person in charge of personal information protection as follows.

Chief Privacy Officer / Privacy Management Admistrator
Chief Privacy Officer / Privacy Management Admistrator
Division Chief Privacy Officer Privacy Management Admistrator
Name Kim Jong-Hee Park Jae-Sung
Team ICT Support Department ICT Planning Team
Spot Head of a Department Section Chief
E-mail jonghee@daekyo.co.kr jaesung@daekyo.co.kr
Call 080-222-0909

10. Collecting personal information of children under 14

When collecting personal information of children under 14, the Company obtain the consent of the legal representative for processing. To obtain the consent of the legal representative, we might collect the name, contact information, etc. of the legal representative from the child. However, the collected personal information of the legal representative is used only for the purpose of collecting the personal information of the child, and if your consent is not obtained within 5 days, the personal information will be automatically destroyed.

11. Sending advertising information

  1. A. The Company will not transmit commercial information for commercial purposes against customer's expressed intention to reject receiving.
  2. B. When the Company sends the advertisement information by email for online marketing such as product information guide, the following items are attached to the email subject line and the body line so that the customer can easily recognize it.
    1. Email subject line: The phrase of (advertisement) might not be displayed in the subject line, but the main content is displayed in the body line of email.
    2. Email body line: The name, email address, telephone number, and address of the sender are displayed so that the user can make an intention to reject receiving. We specify the method in which user can easily express the intention of opt-out, respectively.
  3. C. When sending the customer who agrees to receive the advertisement, advertising information for commercial purposes through the method other than email, such as facsimile or mobile phone text transmission, we take necessary measures such as indicating the name of the sender.

12. Link Site

  1. A. The Company might provide customers with links to other companies' websites or data. In this case, Midas Hotel&Resort has no control right over external sites and data, so we are not responsible for and can't guarantee the usefulness of the services or data provided.
  2. B. If you click the link that the Company contains and move to the page of other site, please check the policy of the new site because the personal information processing policy of the relevant site is not related to Midas Hotel&Resort.

13. Posts

  1. A. The Company values ​​the customer's post and we try our best effort by preventing its alteration, damage or deletion for protection. However, this is not the case in the following cases.
    1. Spam posts (e.g., lucky letters, specific site ads, etc.)
    2. Disseminate false facts to slander others and to undermine the honor of others
    3. The disclosure of the identity of another person without consent, the infringement of third party's right such as copyright infringement, other post of which contents is different from the topic of bulletin board
    4. In order to activate the desirable bulletin board culture, the Company might delete certain parts or post them by modifying them with the sign when disclosing the identity of persons who do not consent.
    5. If it is possible to move to a bulletin board of another topic, we make it clear there should be no misunderstanding by revealing the move paths of relevant post.
    6. In other cases, it might be deleted after an explicit or separate warning.
  2. B. Fundamentally, the author is responsible for all rights and responsibilities related to the post. In addition, since information that is voluntarily disclosed through the post is hard to be protected, please consider it before the information disclosure.

15. Modification of Privacy policy

  1. In case of addition, deletion or modification of contents according to legal enactment, amendment, governmental policy change, change of company internal policy, or security technology change, we will inform the modified contents through the homepage without delay.
  2. Privacy policy enforcement date: March 31, 2017
  3. The Privacy Policy of Midas Hotel&Resort website is effective from March 31, 2017.

Prohibition of Unauthorized Collection of E-mail Addresses


Prohibition of Unauthorized Collection of E-mail Addresses


영상정보처리기기 운영ㆍ관리 방침

㈜대교 마이다스 리조트(이하 회사라 함)는 영상정보처리기기 운영•관리 방침을 통해 회사에서 처리하는 개인영상정보가 어떠한 용도와 방식으로 이용•관리되고 있는지 알려드립니다.

이 회사의 「영상정보처리기기 운영∙관리」은 아래와 같은 내용을 담고 있습니다.

  1. 1. 영상정보처리기기의 설치 근거 및 설치 목적
  2. 2. 설치 대수, 설치 위치 및 촬영범위
  3. 3. 관리책임자 및 접근권한자
  4. 4. 영상정보의 촬영시간, 보관기간, 보관장소 및 처리방법
  5. 5. 영상정보처리기기 설치 및 관리 등의 위탁에 관한 사항
  6. 6. 개인영상정보의 확인 방법 및 장소에 관한 사항
  7. 7. 정보주체의 영상정보 열람 등 요구에 대한 조치
  8. 8. 영상정보의 안전성 확보조치
  9. 9. 개인정보 처리방침 변경에 관한 사항

1. 영상정보처리기기의 설치 근거 및 설치 목적

회사는 개인정보보호법 제25조 제1항에 따라 다음과 같은 목적으로 영상정보처리기기를 설치∙운영 합니다.

  1. 1) 시설안전 및 화재 예방
  2. 2) 고객의 안전을 위한 범죄 예방
  3. 3) 차량도난 및 파손방지

2. 설치대수, 설치 위치 및 촬영범위

설치 대수, 설치 위치 및 촬영범위 내용
구분 내용
설치 대수(17.03.27 기준) 86대
설치 위치 마이다스 리조트
촬영 범위 주차장, 로비, 복도, 엘리베이터, 홀, 회의실 등

3. 관리책임자 및 접근권한자

회사는 귀하의 영상정보를 보호하고 개인영상정보와 관련한 불만을 처리하기 위하여 아래와 같이 영상정보처리기기 책임자를 두고 있습니다.

관리책임자 및 접근권한자
구분 이름 직위 소속 연락처
관리책임자 권희상 관리팀장 관리팀 031-589-5670
운영책임자 공필호 기사 관리팀

4. 영상정보의 촬영시간, 보관기간, 보관장소 및 처리방법

영상정보의 촬영시간, 보관기간, 보관장소 및 처리방법
촬영시간 보관기간 보관장소
24시간 촬영일부터 약 30일(녹화상태에 따라 상이) 본관 및 방재실 등의 통제구역

처리방법 : 개인영상정보의 목적외 이용, 제3자 제공, 파기, 열람 등 요구에 관한 사항을 기록관리하고, 보관기간 만료시 복원이 불가능한 방법으로 영구 삭제(출력물의 경우 파쇄 또는 소각)합니다.

5. 영상정보처리기기 설치 및 관리 등의 위탁에 관한 사항

회사는 아래와 같이 영상정보처리기기 설치 및 관리 등을 위탁하고 있으며, 관계 법령에 따라 위탁계약시 개인정보가 안전하게 관리될 수 있도록 필요한 사항을 규정하고 있습니다.

영상정보처리기기 설치 및 관리 등의 위탁에 관한 사항
수탁업체 담당자 연락처
㈜ 대교디앤에스 관리팀장 031-589-5670

처리방법 : 개인영상정보의 목적외 이용, 제3자 제공, 파기, 열람 등 요구에 관한 사항을 기록관리하고, 보관기간 만료시 복원이 불가능한 방법으로 영구 삭제(출력물의 경우 파쇄 또는 소각)합니다.

6. 개인영상정보의 확인 방법 및 장소에 관한 사항

  1. 1) 확인방법 : 영상정보처리기기 운영담당자에게 미리 연락하고 리조트를 방문하시면 확인 가능합니다.
  2. 2) 확인장소 : 보안실 또는 방재실

7. 정보주체의 영상정보 열람 등 요구에 대한 조치

귀하는 개인영상정보에 관하여 열람 또는 존재확인, 삭제를 원하는 경우 언제든지 영상정보처리기기 운영담당자에게 요구하실 수 있습니다. 단, 귀하가 촬영된 개인영상정보 및 명백히 정보주체의 급박한 생명, 신체, 재산의 이익을 위하여 필요한 개인영상정보에 한정됩니다. 회사는 개인영상정보에 관하여 열람 또는 존재확인ㆍ삭제를 요구한 경우 지체없이 필요한 조치를 하겠습니다.

8. 영상정보의 안전성 확보조치

회사는 처리하는 영상정보는 암호화 조치 등을 통하여 안전하게 관리되고 있습니다. 또한 회사는 개인영상정보보호를 위한 관리적 대책으로서 개인정보에 대한 접근 권한을 차등부여하고 있고, 개인영상정보의 위•변조 방지를 위하여 개인영상정보의 생성 일시, 열람 시 열람 목적ㆍ열람자 ㆍ열람 일시 등을 기록하여 관리하고 있습니다. 이 외에도 개인영상정보의 안전한 물리적 보관을 위하여 잠금장치를 설치하고 있습니다.

9. 개인정보 처리방침 변경에 관한 사항

이 영상정보처리기기 운영ㆍ관리방침은 2017년 3월 31일에 제정되었으며 법령ㆍ정책 또는 보안기술의 변경에 따라 내용의 추가ㆍ삭제 및 수정이 있을 시에는 시행하기 사전에 회사 홈페이지를 통해 변경사유 및 내용 등을 공지하도록 하겠습니다.

공고일자 : 2017년 3월 31일

시행일자 : 2017년 3월 31일

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